This is where the roots of WEED-IT lay, literally as well. Our first implementations were on quad bikes for selective weed spraying and elimination on public paved areas.

Selective weed spraying

WEED-It used in different countries

In 2014 however, the Dutch government prohibited the use of herbicides on paved areas. Nowadays, the detection technology still is used for hot water weed control on pavements and to the Danish and English markets.

The efficiency and capacity of the WEED-IT technology on quad bikes has meanwhile also convinced sugar cane plantationand orchardowners. Quad bikes with a WEED-IT installation have proven to be an excellent alternative to manual weed management in Brazilian sugar cane plantations and Chilean orchards. Owners not only save on chemicals, but also on time and besides, the WEED-IT way of working is less risky and hazardous for farm workers as well.

Quad bikes with a WEED-IT installation
Selective weed spraying
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