Ground gliders & trailed sprayers

Ground gliders are ideally suited for any type of crop protection measurement as well as for WEED-IT, because their ground gliding wheels assure a constant height of the spray boom above the soil and thus guarantee an ideal spray pattern and distribution .

Spray boom

A Proven Spraying Concept

This proven concept is nowadays less popular for regular spraying jobs, but it has proven to be highly suitable for spot spraying. A WEED-IT installation on a ground glider requires a relatively low investment and your spraying equipment remains available at all times for any type of other crop protection measurements.

A typical trailed sprayer also is perfectly suitable to be equipped with WEED-IT technology. The big difference with the ground glider is that the suspended boom needs to be stable enough to carry the extra weight of the technology. Over the years, we’ve learned that just one WEED-IT sensor every meter is sufficient to guarantee a 100% effect and to not influence the stability nor durability of your spray boom.

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