Spot Spraying

In spot spraying mode, WEED-IT targets all living green material on fallow land to maximise moisture availability and to minimise competition and herbicide resistances. This is the spraying mode it all started with back in 1999.

WEED-It Spot Sprayer

Our technology adopted by Australian distributor

Since 2009, the technology is adopted by our Australian distributor and has been fitted to hundreds of ground gliders and other types of sprayers. Farmers choose the WEED-IT spot sprayer to eliminate all living green material on fallow land to secure every litre / of water is available for the following crop. It prevents competition from weeds, and by using spot spraying, the risk of weeds getting resistant to herbicides is also minimised. With spot spraying it is possible to save up to 95% on chemcial cost compared to a full field spray job.

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