Cover mode

Cover mode is yet another unique WEED-IT feature. While using it for incrop spraying, your sprayer acts as a normal sprayer, but with pulse width modulation (PWM) to maintain the set spray rate independent to the operation speed and boom movement.

Cover Mode WEED-It spraying system

This mode is ideal if you want to get the most out of your (self-propelled) sprayer. With WEED-IT, you can not only spot spray weeds, you can also apply any type of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide with its up to 200 Hz ultrafast PWM technology.

This PWM technology automatically adjusts for driving speed (up to 25 kph), boom height, boom movements and boom speed and corners. This way, WEED-IT always maintains the correct application rate, even in irregular shaped fields.

We challenge you to find any other system that can do this as accurate, as fast and as reliable as WEED-IT!

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